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The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Law Enforcement Training Academy is one of the best in the state. It is comprised of both sworn and civilian instructors, all certified by the State of Indiana. The Academy is State of Indiana certified as well, and it gives recruit officers the most up to date, state of the art training available.

The Academy curriculum is a strong mix of academic and physical courses. Currently, recruit officers receive 932 hours of training in a 24 week period plus an additional 20 week FTO period. Some local universities, (i.e., IUPUI, University of Indianapolis) offer up to 12 college credits relating to academy training for a nominal fee.

Subject Hours
Administration 47
Criminal Justice and Related Matters 36
Human Behavior 76
Law 98
Patrol Procedures and Traffic Services 81
Criminal Investigations and Forensic Sciences 36
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course 50
American Red Cross Emergency Response 37
Use of Force 157
Police Skills 45
Physical Conditioning 41
Examinations 48

New recruits must successfully complete all academy courses. All aspects of training are essential to the recruit. The training not only ensures retention by the department as a probationary officer, but it ensures the ability to function as a professional police officer for the City of Indianapolis.

Individuals who have completed a state certified law enforcement training course that would permit them to be a paid full-time officer will be considered for an abbreviated training curriculum with IMPD.

The Academy schedule is primarily Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm, with some weekend and evening training required.

All essential equipment (uniforms, weapons, body armor, gun belt, etc.) are issued during the training period. Take-home police cars are issued based on availability after the successful completion of the probationary year. The Academy is not live-in, therefore recruits must find their own residential accommodations. Recruit officers receive "probationary officer" pay from the first day of the Training Academy.

Recruits are strictly prohibited from holding outside employment during their training and probationary periods. They also are strictly prohibited from performing any direct law enforcement related functions requiring police powers.

Upon graduation from the academy, recruits are placed in the Field Training Officer Program.