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Physical Agility


Indiana law requires all law enforcement officers to attend and successfully complete a basic training program approved by the Law Enforcement Training Board. Programs approved by the Board are based upon a validated analysis of the tasks that law enforcement officers perform, or must be prepared to perform, each day. Emergency runs, vehicle crashes, violent family and neighborhood disputes, and the arrest of combative persons are examples of these tasks. The stress, physical contact, and exertion experienced by an officer during these activities will equal or exceed those experienced by a contact sport athlete during a hard practice or game.

To prepare recruits to meet these challenges they will, while attending the Academy, drive emergency vehicles; practice handcuffing, baton, and weapon retention techniques; qualify with both a handgun and shotgun; run, jump, wrestle, and be thrown to the ground; participate in water rescue activities; and role-play in a number of job-related scenarios which require strength, agility, and endurance.

Recruits coming to the Academy are told, in writing, to report in good physical condition.  Here is a description of the exam:

Resting Blood Pressure <= 139/89 <= 139/89
Body Fat N/A < 22.0%
Flexibility N/A 16.9 inches minimum
Vertical Jump 13.5 inches minimum 16 inches minimum
One Minute of Sit-ups 24 minimum 29 minimum
Run-300 Meters 82 seconds or less 71 seconds or less
Push-ups (no time limit) 21 minimum 28 minimum
Run-1.5 miles 18 minutes 56 seconds or less 14 minutes 54 seconds or less


APPLICANTS MUST MEET THE ENTRANCE STANDARD BEFORE THEY ARE HIRED BY THE INDIANAPOLIS METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT. Recruits must meet the Entrance Standard given the first week of training in order to remain at the Academy. The IMPD Graduation Standard must be met for you to successfully complete the Academy.

The above standards are subject to change without notice.


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