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Recruiter Updates


Recruiter Updates

17th Recruit Class Applicants (June 2018)




Thank you for your interest in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  The IMPD is in need of good women and men dedicated to serving the citizens of Indianapolis.  Are you that young man or woman who displays courage, character, commitment, compassion, and excels in communication? If you are, please answer the call to service by preparing yourself to enter into a very competitive hiring process. You will need to focus your efforts to prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally for the hiring process, academy, and ultimately a career in law enforcement.

Applicants must complete their applications prior to August 4th 2017 to be eligible for the next available hiring process. Once you have completed your application and survey, you will receive a confirmation email.  Please check your spam folders as some email providers automatically send our Neogov emails to spam.

Current officers with a State Law Enforcement Certification from any state and still between the ages of 21-36 is eligible to be considered for our Abbreviated Academy.  All applicants must still participate in the full hiring process. Out of state applicants with no prior law enforcement training along with out of state applicants with law enforcement certifications must be willing to travel for each testing component.  There are no special arrangements made for out of state applicants at this time.

For the latest information regarding the IMPD and the hiring process please follow our social media outlets. We can be found at @IMPD_News on Twitter and IMPDNews on Facebook.

Tentative 2017 Process Schedule

Open Applications                                  April 2017-August 2017
Written Exam                                           August 18-20, 2017
Oral Assessment                                      September 25-29, 2017
Physical Ability Test                              October 27-29, 2017
Conditional Offer of Employment            November 7, 2017
Background                                               November 20-April 21, 2017
Pension Board
Chief’s Review
Merit Board                                                   May 1, 2017
Academy Start                                          June 4, 2018



15th Recruit Class Applicants (June, 2017 Academy start date):

The IMPD has selected applicants to move on to the background phase of the 15th IMPD Recruit Class hiring process.  Congratulations to those of you who have received conditional offers of employment!  Please keep in mind that your placement in the 15th Recruit Class is contingent upon you successfully completing the following:

•             Polygraph Examination

•             Background Investigation

•             Medical Examination

•             Psychological Evaluation

•             Physical Fitness Entrance Standards

•             Approval by the Civilian Police Merit Board

•             Approval by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Pension Board

•             Approval by the Public Employee’s Retirement Fund (PERF).

•             Approval by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board.

•             Pending the availability of open funded position.

During the background phase it is important to improve your overall fitness capacity. You should now focus your efforts on obtaining the IMPD Spartan Standards.

Spartan Standard

20 inch vertical

45 sit-ups in under a minute

45 pushups

55 second 300 meter sprint

12:00 minute  1.5 mile run

5 pull-ups

Keep working hard!!



Recruiting Unit

Recruiter- Lt. Brian Mahone Phone: (317) 430-4891 Email:
Recruiter- Sgt. Ida Williams   Phone: (317) 796-9346   Email:
Recruiter- Off. Melony Moore Phone: (317) 473-8057 Email: