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2016 – Salary Schedule for Merit Police Officer

1st Year Patrol (Recruit) Officer – $39,446 (Pay begins at start of Academy)

2nd Year Patrol (Probationary) Officer – $47,651

3rd Year Patrol Officer – $65,452

Other Benefits

Take home car College incentive pay, up to a maximum of $1,250 for a Masters Degree, $1,000 for a BA or BS degree from a college accredited by MSA, NEASC, NCA, NASC, SACS, or WASC Overtime pay (as available) at 1 1/2 the officer’s hourly base salary rate Vacation leave Sick leave at 90 calendar days annually Insurance (health, life, dental) available Pension plan under the Public Employees Retirement Fund created in 1977 and administered by the state of Indiana Voluntary deferred compensation plan Benefits are subject to change per labor negotiations An Equal Opportunity Employer ~ Police – Community Partnership

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